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The work with capstone projects occupies a special place in the higher education system, allowing the student to acquire knowledge that is not achieved with traditional teaching methods. This becomes possible because students make their own choices and take the initiative.

From this point of view, a good capstone project should:

  • Have a practical value;
  • Involve independent student research;
  • Be to the same extent unpredictable both in the process of working on it and at its completion;
  • Be flexible in the direction of work and the speed of its execution;
  • Assume the possibility of solving urgent problems;
  • Give the student the opportunity to learn in accordance with his/her abilities;
  • To contribute to the manifestation of the student’s abilities in solving problems of a wider spectrum;
  • Facilitate interaction between students.

The success of a project depends to a large extent on the relationship established between the student and the teacher who directs his project. Therefore, the student should consider all the recommendations and comments of the teacher to create a good paper.

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Who Will Write My Capstone Project?

We hire only professional authors who are well aware of the specifics of project execution, adhere to the requirements for writing and design, and also comply with the deadlines for the delivery of finished papers. Our team includes academic doctors of sciences and teachers from world-famous colleges and universities. They have a sufficient level of training to perform such tasks.

An individual approach is applied to the implementation of each capstone project, which allows us to create papers that best meet customers’ needs. The author takes into account the requirements for the volume of paper, its structure, the peculiarities of writing each part, compiling a bibliographic list, studies the instructions for the design of the project, the requirements for its uniqueness, and, as a result, creates a work that fully meets the customer’s requirements.

How You Will Do My Capstone Project for Me?

To provide you with the highest quality capstone project, our professional writer will go through a series of stages, each of which has its own characteristics. Let’s consider these stages in more detail.

Topic Selection

One of the most important stages of work is the choice of a theme. Properly chosen and correctly formulated topic allows getting a clear idea of ​​the next steps of the study. Therefore, the main activity begins after the formulation and comprehensive analysis of the topic.

There are the following types of themes:

  • Topics that have arisen as a result of the development of problems;
  • Initiative topics proposed by the student;
  • Topics selected ‘to order’.

When choosing a topic, the specialist usually focuses on themes from the first group. However, the student can also propose the topic of the project, taking into account own research interests and the current state of research on the selected problem. The main criteria used in choosing a topic are relevance, novelty, perspectives, the availability of a theoretical basis, the prospect of obtaining an effect in the implementation of obtained results, and its compliance with the department’s profile.

The following techniques help the expert to choose the topic of the capstone project:

  • Studying the topics of scientific plans and programs;
  • Getting acquainted with the areas of research, plans, programs;
  • Viewing catalogs of similar projects;
  • Identification of what and by whom is written on a particular topic (monographs, articles, abstracts, etc.);
  • Acquaintance with the latest research results in related fields of science;
  • Reviewing of known scientific solutions using new methods or theoretical positions;
  • Acquaintance with analytical reviews and articles in special periodicals;
  • Interviews and consultations with scientists, during which it is possible to identify important, however, little studied material in theoretical terms.

The choice of topic is agreed with the student and ends with the formation of the title of the work. The title is usually quite short (preferably 5-10 words), adequately reflects its content, and corresponds to the scientific problem’s essence. It indicates the purpose of the study and its completion.

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Statement of Research Tasks

Research objectives are presented in the form of lists, for example, ‘analyze …’, ‘investigate …’, ‘establish …’, ‘find out …’, ‘justify …’, ‘develop…’. The author clearly, concisely, and concretely formulates the tasks, adhering to a clear sequence of their presentation, in accordance with the logical sequence of actions aimed at achieving the goal of the study. When compiling a list of tasks, the specialist moves from the abstract to the concrete, from the general to the singular.

Identification of the Object and Subject of Research

The object and the subject of research as categories of the scientific process are correlated, as general and partial. The object and/or subject of research definitely have a novelty. The object of study is a process or phenomenon that creates a problem situation and is chosen for study; it is that part of objective reality that exists independently of our consciousness and perception. The research subject is contained within the object. It is a theoretical reproduction of objective reality, those essential connections and relations that are subjected to direct study and are the main determinants for particular research. 

Every specialist knows that there is an inseparable connection between the topic, object, and subject, the purpose and task of the research, together they determine the content of the main provisions, conclusions, and recommendations. Here we can trace the following pattern: if the object, subject of research, and final result are of great importance for the formulation of the title, then for establishing the purpose of the study, such an element as the way to achieve the end result is also important, although it is absent in the formulation of the topic.

Drawing Up a Plan

Starting work, a professional writer allocates his time, plans it, and begins to develop a plan after choosing a topic. There are two types of plans: an individual work plan, which regulates the sequence and timing of work on individual stages of work; a work plan, and a detailed plan, which records the sequence and content of sections and subsections of work.

The implementation of the work plan begins with the development of the topic, i.e., the idea of ​​scientific research.

Such a plan can be based only on a hypothesis, i.e., an assumption made on the basis of intuition (i.e., on the prediction of something that requires prior study).

The previous work plan only outlines the object and subject of the study, but such a plan is refined over time, although the main goal remains the same. The work plan is drawn up in a free form. Typically, this is a plan-rubricator, which contains a list of sections arranged in a certain order, subsections, and headings related to the research topic’s internal logic. In the early stages of work, this plan allows presenting the problem under study in different versions.

At the next stage of the work, a detailed outline is made, i.e., a plan, which is an abstract statement of the issues arranged in a logical order. All the collected factual material is systematized.

Analysis of the Research Topic

All scientific research is based on scientific results obtained from previous research. The capstone project is no exception – it necessarily contains a review of literature sources on the theme.

The study of the scientific literature on the research topic begins with general work (textbooks, manuals, books, monographs) to get an idea of ​​the main issues related to the chosen topic. The following directions of the literature search are formed at the next stage, which includes more specialized sources – articles, abstracts, etc.

Work on Key Parts

The text consists of a title, abstract, table of contents, list of abbreviations, introduction, main part, conclusions, and a list of sources used. The key ones are the introduction, the main part, and the conclusions:

The introduction reveals the essence and state of the scientific problem and its significance, the grounds and initial data for the development of the topic, the formulation of contradictions, the justification of the need for research;

The main part consists of sections, subsections, paragraphs, sub-paragraphs. The sections of the main part provide an analysis of the literature on the topic and the choice of research areas, a statement of general methods and basic research methods, the experimental part, information about research, analysis, and generalization of results;

The most important scientific and practical results in the general conclusions are stated, and their reliability is substantiated. 

Verification of Written Material

After completing the writing, the capstone project is checked to ensure the absence of any errors and shortcomings.

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